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Estate Planning

At Saggers Law we can assist you with all your estate planning needs.

In estate planning we review all your business entities to see where and how your assets are held. They can be in trusts, companies and superannuation funds which are not assets of your estate. We then prepare complex wills containing testamentary trusts which deal with all your assets including those mentioned above.

These trusts help your beneficiaries to:

  • Pay much less tax
  • Keep your assets in your family i.e. your bloodlines. When your children die, your assets do not pass to the in-laws but to your grandchildren
  • Avoid losing your estate assets in divorce settlements or bankruptcy
  • Assist your children, grandchildren etc to retain your estate assets even though they may suffer drug, alcohol, gambling or other addictions
  • Prevent your spouse's second wife/husband from taking assets meant for your children

These trusts can continue for 80 years after your death.

We can also advise you as to how you can minimise the large amounts of superannuation death benefit tax your children will have to pay when husband and wife both die (e.g. death benefit tax on certain components of your super can be as high as 31.5%).

Call our office to book a free meeting of one or two hours, during which we will discuss your estate planning needs and discuss and explain relevant legal and other issues. There is no obligation to proceed. Please note that if you decide to proceed with an estate plan we will give you a written agreement as to your total costs.

Contact: Darryl Goode.