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Beware of home made wills

A large number of people in the community have the perception that the Judiciary is out of touch and has no idea about “the real world.”

In my opinion, in the matter of making wills it is actually the reverse - the Judiciary has a better idea of what should be done than most people.

Do you own vacant land? - Do you have Public Liability Insurance on it?

Do you own a vacant block of land? If so, do you have public liability insurance covering the block of land?

If you do, you need read no further.  If you do not, you probably should read further.

What is the first thing that happens when the local children discover there is a great place to ride their push bikes ie; your block of land?  Soon there is a track coming, next there are some jumps on the track, a few more obstacles and all is going great until little Johnny crashes into the jumps/obstacles and breaks his neck.

Bad neighbours

Unfortunately, like almost everything else in life, most people are pretty good, some are bad, and some are really bad.

Most of you at some stage will have seen one of the television current affairs programs which run every now and then showing the “Neighbours from hell” where disputes get totally out of hand.

Things such as noise, fences, over hanging trees, dogs and other pets, rubbish, access to properties, children, privacy and any number of matters can cause disputes with neighbours, either just next door or “down the street”.

Power of Attorney - more important than a will?

Most of us have a pretty fair idea what a Will is all about and the importance of a Will.  What about a Power of Attorney?

Swimming pools - time to get with the program

For those of you with swimming pools you will need to get with the program or sooner or later the Government is going to get you.

Since October 2013 it has been mandatory in New South Wales for pool owners to register their swimming pool and/or spa pool.  Pools should be registered at  If you do not register you can be fined.